The Journey began September 12, 2016

journey begins

Hernan created this fantastic logo that represents the two of us and the world to let everyone know we had an official start date. One day after 9-11-16, we left feeling empowered but fully aware that although 15 years had passed we still have people trying to break our spirit and make us live in fear. We left aware and alert but they weren’t going to stop us from experiencing the best and sometimes worst this world has to offer.

In the beginning, we had grand ideas of blogging and vlogging our entire journey to bring family and friends along. That idea quickly fell by the wayside as it became more important to be present than try to regurgitate what we were seeing and learning. This will become a sentiment heard from many travelers and one I think is important to note. With that said, we experienced a lot and still want to share our experiences, past and present, as well as some tips and things to consider as you travel.

Away we go!
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Author: theworldlywilliams

Hello! I'm Latanya. In 2016-2017, my husband and I took a break and traveled for 9 months to 23 countries. Currently residing in NYC, I continue to travel and hope to inspire others to do the same.

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